Блог им. dude |На злобу дня про Saxo Bank

    • 16 января 2015, 19:34
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I was buying short tearm options through SAXO bank trade floor. Initaly I was working with 20 000 USD, last morning 12:00 I fell to 16000 usd and I couldnt withdraw it from the account. After that they recalculated my loss and said that I am -400 000 usd, and a bit later -560 000 USD, and that I haver to cover that Loss in the next couple of months ???????!!!!!, Did anyone have the same problem? During trade, option for this not to happen was ON. What are my responsibilities in this case? I couldnt do anything to stop this…!!!


Выписывание опционов не приводит к добру.

Еще один товарищ должен Saxo 100,000 уе за проскальзывание при stop out на EUR/CHF


А сколько еще таких случаев в кухнях мира…

....все тэги