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Новости рынков | Globaltrans - СД утвердил промежуточные дивиденды в размере 45,9 руб. на акцию

Совет директоров Globaltrans утвердил промежуточные дивиденды акционерам в размере 8,204 млн руб. или 45,9 руб. на акцию / ГДР:

  • промежуточные дивиденды — 3 771 млн руб, 21,1 руб/ао
  • спец дивиденды -  4 433 руб, 24,8 руб/ао

Закрытие реестра — 4 сентября 2018 года

  • The Board has approved a total interim payment to shareholders of RUB 8,204 million or RUB 45.9 per share/Global Depositary Receipt (“GDR”), including:

             o    An interim dividend of RUB 3,771 million or RUB 21.1 per ordinary share/GDR which is in line with the Group’s dividend policy[1] and equates to 50% of the Group’s Attributable Free Cash Flow for the first half of 2018; and

             o    A special interim dividend of RUB 4,433 million or RUB 24.8 per ordinary share/GDR in order to maintain the Group’s efficient capital structure.

  • The shareholder dividend record date is set as 4 September 2018. The GDRs will be marked as ex-dividend on 3 September 2018.
  • The dividend will be paid in US dollars in the total amount of approximately 66.98 US cents per one ordinary share/GDR not later than 7 September 2018 with conversion executed at the Central Bank of Russia’s official exchange rate for the Russian rouble as of 24 August 2018 (1 USD: 68.5259 RUB). Holders of GDRs will receive the dividend approximately three business days after the payment date.


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