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Новости рынков | Headhunter - разместит акции на сумму $100 млн

Headhunter Group планирует разместить акции на сумму до $100 миллионов. Об этом компания уведомила SEC.

Продающие акционеры могут предложить и продать еще до 31,25 миллиона расписок на $721 миллион по $23,07 за штуку.

We may offer and sell our American depositary shares («ADSs») representing ordinary shares, warrants to purchase ordinary shares and/or debt securities from time to time in amounts, at prices and on terms that will be determined at the time of the offering. We refer to the ADSs, warrants and debt securities collectively as «securities» in this prospectus.

In addition, the selling shareholders may offer and sell up to 31,250,000 ADSs. We will not receive any of the proceeds from the sale of ADSs by the selling shareholders.

(1) American depositary shares issuable upon deposit of the ordinary shares registered hereby are registered under a separate registration statement on Form F-6 (Registration No. 333-231031). Each American depositary share represents one ordinary share.

(2) There are being registered hereunder such indeterminate number of the securities of each identified class being registered as may be sold by the registrant from time to time at indeterminate prices, with any initial aggregate public offering price not to exceed $23.07. In addition, up to 31,250,000 American depositary shares may be sold by selling shareholders who will be named in a supplement to the prospectus forming part of this registration statement. If any debt securities are issued at an original issue discount, then the offering price of such debt securities shall be in such greater principal amount as shall result in a maximum aggregate offering price not to exceed $720,937,500.00, less the aggregate dollar amount of all securities previously issued hereunder.

(3) Represents American depositary shares registered for resale by the selling shareholders.

Headhunter - разместит акции на сумму $100 млн


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