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Инвестиционные идеи от Открытие Капитал (росс. акции)

Event-Driven Ideas
·         Buy MTS [BUY; TP$22.8] and Vimpelcom [BUY; TP$14.0] ahead of FY11 results. We anticipate strong results for MTS today and Vimpelcom tomorrow thanks to lower selling expenses driven by reduced subscriber acquisition activity and an increasing share of VAS in mobile revenues.
·         Buy Sollers [U/R] following strong February car sales statistics. Figures released late on 11 March showed that Sollers continued to outperform its Russian peers last month, which we think will be supportive for the stock. We caution, however, that the stock is high beta and therefore may be hit hard if market sentiment worsens in the post-election environment.
Spread-Driven Ideas
·         Buy Magnit locals and sell ADRs. The discount of MGNT locals to DRs has widened to 18.1%, compared to its 1-year average of 10.3%. This discount should narrow in the short term as the two local trading lines merge following the recent SPO, and over the longer term as the CSD is established and as the 25% cap on DRs is lifted.
·         Buy Dorogobuzh prefs ahead of dividend record date. DGBZP is currently trading at a premium to the ordinary shares as dividend expectations have risen following strong 9M11 results and parent company Acron’s sizable interim dividends. We consider the trade to be risky, but expect a dividend yield of 13% (see our note from 24 January, “Second-tier dividends: Reaping a lucrative harvest” for further details). 

По Дорогобужу прив согласен, в этом году будет что-то интересное. Моя запись от 07 марта 2012 года: smart-lab.ru/blog/44205.php

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