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American Stock Market Trading. Day 2.

Hi there. I've decided to write in english about my american stock market research, so many sorries about my language. I would be very thankful who will point to me for my mistakes:)

I've excluded from watchlist
KFT (due to low volatility)
FCX (the same cause)
SODA,STX,FTK,LIZ (due to low liquidity in these stocks) 

So, I began my Friday with Citi(C)citi daytrading

Citi is very liquid, still seem good to enter with a short stop and have about $0,50 of profit.

Bank of America (BAC) is the next stock from my previous day's watchlist. Despite strong thursday's 9% run it didn't look interesting with daily range $0,25 on friday.

Goldman Sachs (GS) is the next object, that was newly added to my watchlist because of a weak performance on premarket.

Goldman Sachs daytrading

I was looking also atAlcoa (AA) because of report due on 9th january and anounce about 12% capacity reduction, but I wasn't satisfied with this illiquid bluechip with the quite narrow daily range. 

Jazz Farmaceuticals (JAZZ) has reported good earnings forecast and was +5% on premarket. Let's look at the friday's stock's performance:
Jazz Farmaceuticals daytrading 

I don't like it much.

The similar story was in Apollo Group Inc (APOL) with daily range $1,75. 

Anatoliy Radchenko has pointed my attention to UAL but I didn't find it interesting at all with illiquid jigsaw intraday performance.

So, I am looking for new stocks for today and waiting for your advices. Now, it's seem to be too early to choose stocks, so I will try to make my little premarket today close around 17:00msk.

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Тимофей, креативно конечно, но я 50% так и не смог перевести…


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Тимофей о нас или слишком хорошего мнения или слишком плохого:)
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