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Блог компании Московская Биржа | Рубен Аганбегян об инвестиционном климате в РФ и роли объединенной биржи

Президент ММВБ Рубен Аганбегян, выступая в Лондоне рассказал Bloomberg об инвестиционном климате в России и роли объединенной биржи в его формировании

Bloomberg: Thank you so much for coming. First of all I want to ask you about the consolidation of world's exchanges. Is it going to continue? And once the two Russian exchanges merge are you looking at possible other opportunities elsewhere in the world?
Ruben Aganbegyan: First of all you if look at the consolidation what you'll see is a lot of them consolidating for cross-synergies. Our consolidation is also for the revenue synergy. We are consolidating the derivatives and spot markets. Because MICEX runs currency equity fixed income, couple of other products while the RTS is a dominating derivatives exchange. So we’ll get all of this under one roof plus we are going to hold the integration of the post-trading infrastructure.
Bloomberg: Is synergy inspire new investors to come to Russia because they would feel safer trading on the exchange?

Ruben Aganbegyan: Absolutely. It also creates a huge force behind the reform movement because we are uniting under one roof all of the participants. MICEX as traditional has been owned by large banks, RTS as traditional been owned by brokers. So together it is the major force pushing the reforms of the market.
Bloomberg: Are investors a little concerned about putting the money in Russia. We had an investors coming here on Bloomberg. Some of them saying I am quite happy to take a risk, some of them saying I a little more concerned about lose sometimes that’s why I am a little bit aware of investing in Russia it is not all of my money…it’s just a small proportion is there someone you will address?
Ruben Aganbegyan: Obviously we’ll play a role of the hero changing the investment climate. But there are two issues explaining whether to invest in Russia through the markets in Russia. One of them is the investment climate issue and that’s exactly what you are talking about and the second one is accessibility of the market and the way it operates. Our major is in infrastructure organization to make the second one the same as anywhere in the west. So you don’t feel any difference on whether you invest on NYSE or whether you invest on LSE or whether you invest on MICEX trading stocks and derivatives. So that is the major. So obviously we a big part in changing the investment climate.
Bloomberg: Is there any opportunity for Russia to become more heavily invested?
Ruben Aganbegyan: Absolutely Russia is a high growing emerging market. High growth and high returns affects on the investment climate issues. And there in my opinion Russia is on the top of the list of all of the investors. My job is to make the infrastructure accessible for them.  


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Maria Talanova, да я то знаю про переводчик, но не проще сразу с переводом, так на будущее.

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