Торговые сигналы!

Торговые сигналы! | Brent ( Calc CFD)

Brent crude oil according to the results of trading Nymex pf 24.01.2020 shows a sideways trend until the expiration dates of contracts 04-05. 2020

А possible scenario is a decrease in quotations to prices of 53.48 per barrel.

The speculative component is also in the ranges of the real price of consumption and indicates a reduction in the number of long direction positions.

We expect a decline in brent prices to the price range of $ 53 — $ 58 per barrel in the time period of 27.01-12.03.2020 .

Next, we expect quotes to rise to the target levels of 70-71.88 $ per barrel.

Brent ( Calc CFD)
Brent ( Calc CFD)

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