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Новости рынков

Новости рынков | Запасы нефти в США...

The EIA reported
a decline of 3.4 million barrels in crude supplies
in the week ended Jan. 13.
Analysts polled by Platts had expected an increase of 2.6 million barrels.
The official results were less supportive than a trade group’s report out Wednesday, which showed a decline of 4.8 million barrels.
The EIA also reported
gasoline supplies up 3.7 million barrels, and
inventories of distillates up 400,000 barrels.
The Platts analysts had expected gasoline to rise by 3 million barrels and distillates to rise by 1.4 million barrels.

Вот как-то так с запасами нефти в США… Да и...

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