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Всё о buyback`е акций ГМК "Норникель"

Официальная информация здесь http://nnbuyback.com/main.html

Спасибо… прочитал… Мдааа… Надо им наверное продаться будет :)))


физики могут купить 100 акций по рынку и получить цену $306 за акцию за весь лот. купил на 700тыс, а через месяц продал за 900тыс.р. правда, есть риск, что ГМК откажется от своих слов, ведь это добровольная оферта )))


поташа не дерипаска, не кинет
Mechel, комментарий VTB Capital по байбаку:
On a separate note, the company has announced that its subsidiary Corbiere could sell (or enter into other transactions with) the treasury stock it currently holds (9.23% of the company’s share capital) starting 28 September, which we understand is intended to finance the buyback.
Short-term strength in the stock on the back of buying into the buyback, but the participation share is the biggest question, given that Interros and Trafigura could take part (with 38% of shares potentially tendered). Were all the free float (which could amount to 22% now, although this was not confirmed by the company) to be tendered, minority shareholders could count on 13% of the tendered position effectively being sold.
The possible intention to replace cheaper stock (since Corbiere-held treasuries could be sold immediately at market terms with full transfer of title, implying a 33% discount to the offer price) with more expensive treasuries is a rather questionable solution to funding the buyback in our view. We are therefore looking for further clarification from the company

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