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Manufacturing expansion quickens in China

Manufacturing expansion quickens in China
China's manufacturing sector continued to improve in December, according to a key early indicator.
HSBC said its initial Chinese purchasing managers' index, or PMI, rose to a 14-month high of 50.9 in December from 50.5 last month. The reading was above 50, meaning that manufacturing is now in a state of accelerated expansion. The bank's final reading for the month will be released in January.
Hongbin Qu, an economist at HSBC, said the report confirms that China's economy is «gaining momentum» — primarily due to increasing domestic demand.
China's economy has grown at an average of around 10% a year for the past three decades, allowing the country to rocket past international competition to become the world's second largest economy. Along the way, China's markets have opened to the rest of the world, trade has increased dramatically and many of China's citizens have joined an emerging middle class.

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