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Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station: затоплено водой хранилище отработанного ядерного топлива

На Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station всё в той же Небраске из-за наводнения затоплено водой хранилище отработанного ядерного топлива. В связи с эти возник вопрос, кто же сделал такое хранилище? Оказывается, Transnuclear, Inc. А владеет этой Transnuclear, Inc французская корпорация
Areva, которая поставляла водоочистительные системы ТЕРСО для  Фукушимы

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant?
Earlier this month, workers at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant surrounded the reactor and other key parts of the facility with a massive water berm called an “AquaDam”.

Fort Calhoun had a foot-deep pool next to the reactor for spent fuel rods. The pool was so full in 2009 that they were sealing the fuel rods up in dry casks and sticking them in an on-site ‘mausoleum’.

This, of course, is why there is a no-fly zone around the plant — someone might realize that wherever the fuel casks and underground fuel pools are, they are NOT inside the condom.

Hat tip and a bow to Arthur Hu for finding the dry-storage bunker, half-submerged OUTSIDE the condom. It’s the smaller brown building adjacent to the white tank.

No one really knows what their condition is – or even if the spent fuel is still on-site. No one in the major media is asking the question, and the operators aren’t saying.

So who made the dry storage cask containers at Fort Calhoun?

That would be Transnuclear, Inc.

And who owns Transnuclear? Areva.

And what else is Aveva doing?

Selling water purification tanks and systems to TEPCO for Fukushima.

What else does Areva do? Anything it wants, since it’s a giant multinational behemoth.

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делала не ТЕРСО, а Areva для ТЕРСО. В Небраске и другие АЭС в таком же положении из-за наводнения. На всех фото схожие


Кстати, в штатах где-то наводнения и торнадо, а где-то пожары. Как сообщали, уже горит в 11 штатах. Сгорели рекордные почти 1,5 млн га. Как у них экономика может давать хорошие показатели?


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