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Думаю это стоит перепостить. хотя бы для того чтобы сохранить для себя.

The previous global trade system was based on the roman model...

The roman model had the city state of Rome as and the silver Denarius as the demand and the rest of the world as teh supply...key problem.

The demand became greater than supply and rome collapsed.

The Roman model was tried again and was based in Venice...It basically collapsed in the 14th century before it could consolidate.

Now comes the previous system which was based in Londinium which is now called London...and it had the nation of England and the British pound of stirling silver as the demand...It inflated for centuries but eventually like rome...the demand became greater than supply and it collapsed.

But this was known to be an eventuality...which is why the USA was created to take over.

Which is what happened during the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization

The USA and the US dollar which started out silver but was changed into a measure of gold so it could be taken over and controlled by the gold standard of london fix.

was made the demand of the global trade system in 1944.

and after the roaring 6 decades...The demand has again become greater than supply and the global system is imploding.

China and the EU depend upon the demand of the USA to supply them with inflation.

The economy is global.

The owners of the global trade system based in Europe use divide and conquer to rule the world...nationalism.

Basically nationalism is like racism but totally legal and acceptable.

How divide and conquer works is by supplying power to one side until it becomes too powerful and then cutting the power off and supplying the other side.

but there is no replacement for the USA as the demand.

and to make everyone the demand and supply...nationalism has to go...

The only way I see it going the way of the Dodo is if it's percieved like racism currently is.

At least considered a barbarous relic

Imagine the cataclysm that is going to be required...Imagine the spanking all you naughty children are going to get to stop you from sucking the thumb of nationalism and embrace globalism.

The collapse you currently see in progress is nothing compared to what you all are heading into. 

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