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Забавная история о нравах минувших дней.

к вопросу о победителях ЛЧИ, которые «не хотят» принимать средства в управление.

In 1785, a stockbroker, named Atkinson, probably from the «North Countree,» speculated enormously, but skilfully, we must suppose, for he realised a fortune of £500,000. His habits were eccentric. At a friend's dinner party he abruptly turned to a lady who occupied the next chair, saying, «If you, madam, will entrust me with £1,000 for three years, I will employ it advantageously.» The speaker was well known, and his offer accepted; and at the end of the three years, to the very day, Atkinson called on the lady with £10,000, to which, by his adroit management, her deposit had increased.

Пишите английские заголовки для таких топиков!


я бы с радостью отдал 200-500к в управление роботу_аспиранту
и прочим участникам, но ведь их не возьмут…
Тогда, простите, в чём собственно поинт ???


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