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золото. Все по плану.

Как и писал в прошлый раз на этой недели надеюсь увидеть 570. Сегодня, завтра. 1530 — врядли пройдем.
reuters —
Quotes from Standard Chartered:
-The upside now looks limited as the market approaches overhead resistance.
-Technical analysis suggests consolidation. Dips should hold above USD 1,480/oz and the market should target USD 1,692/oz after this.
-Our FX team is bearish on the USD and is looking for EUR-USD 1.48 by end-Q2.
-Physical ETFs up 1.1% since mid-May. US speculative positions rise by 11% w/w. Worries about a double-dip recession are supportive.


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