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Сезонная модель и важные даты по Ганну

Вставка из оригинального отчета Ганна за 1929 год. Сезонная модель и даты основаны на
движении Солнца. Если в указанные даты образуется вершина или дно, сигнальный день или
свечная модель, можно ожидать по крайней мере несколько дней реакции. Также даты могут
быть дополнительным сигналом для других расчетов, основанных на фибо, квадрате9, квадрате12 и др.

Языком оригинала:
The following dates should be watched for important changes in the major trend of both
Industrial and Railroad stocks. If any stock makes top or bottom around any of these dates,
you can expect a reversal in trend, especially if there is a sharp decline or a sharp advance
around these dates: Feb 8th to 10th, March 21st to 23rd, May 3rd to 7th, June 20th to 24th,
August 3rd to 8th, Sept 21st to 24th, Nov. 8th to 11th, Dec. 20th to 24th. These dates are based
upon a permanent cycle, which does not change. Important dates are based upon a
permanent cycle, which does not change. Important tops and bottoms are made in many
stocks every year around these times. Watch the stocks that reach extreme high or low levels
around these dates.

The following dates indicate times when stocks will be very active and have wide
fluctuations, making tops and bottoms. While all stocks will not make tops and bottoms
around these dates, some of the most active ones will and if you watch the ones that turn
around these dates, it will prove helpful in your trading:
January 5th to 7th, 12th to 15th, 18th to 24th
February 9th to 12th, 20th to 22nd, and 27th to 28th.
March 10th to 11th, very important for change in trend; 21st to 22nd important; 28th to
29th another very important date for change.
April 3rd, 9th to 10th, 13th to 15th, 21st to 23rd.
May 3rd to 4th – watch stocks that make top around this date; 9th to 11th another important
date when some stocks will make bottom and other stocks will make top. 22nd to 23rd and
29th to 31st – very important dates for change in trend; watch for stocks that will make top
around this date.
June 1st to 2nd – quite important; 7th to 10th another important change; 21st to 23rd a more
important change.
July 3rd to 5th – very important for change in trend; 9th to 10th also quite important; 21st to
24th more important.
August – one of the most important months for change in trend. Many stocks will start on
their long down trend. 7th to 8th – quite important; 16th to 17thimportant; 23rd to
24th important, 29th to 30th of minor importance.
September 2nd to 3rd important; 16th to 17th important, should be bottom of a panicky decline.
21st to 24th important for top; 27th and 28th important for bottom of a big break.
October 2nd; 8th to 9th; 18th to 20th very important, — which stocks which start to decline and
go with them; 26th to 28th minor importance.
November 10th to 22nd – a very important period for wide fluctuations. Airplanes, radio and
some electrical stocks may have sharp advances. Other important dates for changes are 1st to
2nd, 17th to 19th, and 24th to 25th.
December 1st to 2nd important; 16th to 17th of minor importance; 23rd to 24th greater activity
and of major importance.
The above dates are not only important for changes in trend and times when bottoms and
tops should be reached, but on these dates important news is indicated and some will be of a
sudden, unexpected nature, at times favorable and at other times unfavorable, but causing
stocks to be active and fluctuate, making tops and bottoms and changing trend.

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