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Вышел очередной отчет OPEC март 2017

Основные данные в сравнении с февральскими


World Oil Demand
The world oil demand growth estimate for 2016 was revised marginally higher by around 50 tb/d to now show growth of 1.38 mb/d to average 95.05 mb/d. Revisions were driven primarily by higher-than-anticipated 4Q16 oil demand in OECD Europe, and Asia Pacific, as well as China, partially offset by minor downward adjustments in the Middle East. For 2017, oil demand growth is anticipated to be around 1.26 mb/d, higher by 70 tb/d from previous month projections, to average 96.31 mb/d. The upward adjustments were due to more optimistic expectations for oil demand in OECD Europe, as well as Asia Pacific.
World Oil Supply
Non-OPEC oil supply growth is estimated to show a contraction of 0.66 mb/d in 2016, in line with the previous report, to average 57.34 mb/d. Higher 4Q16 growth in Canada and Other OECD Europe was offset by downward revisions in the US, Norway, Australia, Brunei and Azerbaijan. In 2017, non-OPEC oil supply is projected to grow by 0.40 mb/d, following an upward revision of 0.16 mb/d to average 57.74 mb/d. An improving outlook for Canadian oil sands and US supply were the main contributors to the revision. OPEC NGLs production in 2017 was revised down by 20 tb/d to now show growth of 0.13 mb/d. In February, OPEC production decreased by 0.14 mb/d, according to secondary sources, to average 31.96 mb/d.


World Oil Demand
World oil demand growth in 2016 is expected to increase by 1.32 mb/d, following an upward adjustment of 70 tb/d to reflect continued better-than-expected consumption in OECD Europe and Asia Pacific. Total oil demand is now estimated to average 94.62 mb/d, taking into account base line adjustments to China of around 0.12 mb/d. In 2017, world oil demand growth is seen to reach 1.19 mb/d, representing an upward revision of 35 tb/d to now average 95.81 mb/d.
World Oil Supply
Non-OPEC oil supply growth in 2016 has been revised up by 50 tb/d to now show a contraction of 0.66 mb/d on higher-than-expected output in 4Q16. In 2017, non-OPEC supply growth has been revised up by 120 tb/d to now show an increase of 240 tb/d, due to a pick up in drilling activities and investment in the US. OPEC NGL production is forecast to grow by 0.15 mb/d in 2017, following growth of 0.15 mb/d in 2016. In January, OPEC production decreased by 890 tb/d, according to secondary sources, to average 32.14 mb/d.
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