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DAX brief update

The big-picture bearishness prevailed today: After «sky is clean» optimistic open up-gap, DAX-June13 has reversed down and now is selling hard as I write.

I remain of the same opinion that  Market has made major top on 15th March, and now is open for huge downside right away.
 DAX brief update

My prop indicators have done a pretty good job on Friday and today: flashed «exit-short» on Friday closing, and turned «sell» after the gap today. Very good kick-off start of the week:)
DAX brief update 

P.S. EURUSD made even better than DAX-future signal-wise:
DAX brief update
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похоже что так…
как сильно хьюдж этот даунсайт?
alexnewbee, I am agressively bearish. If it turns out to be a secular top (which I believe it is), DAX will drop below 2009 lows, eventually.
wannatradelikePTJ, nichts ist unmöglich. Mal sehen…
alexnewbee, yes indeed. We shall see…

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