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Стоит ли покупать MHP?

Стоит ли покупать MHP?

Вполне вероятно, что суд будет в пользу S&P и падение MHP будет выкуплено.

Стоит ли покупать?
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Монгольскую Народную Республику что-ли?
либо через опциии, либо опционные стратегии


mio-my-mio, СПАСИБО
mio-my-mio, я так понимаю ждут ее на уровне 40 баксов к маю?

Эта инфа недельной давности.
Не принимайте её как рекомендацию,-- просто как пищу для размышлений :)

Вот транскрипт этого видео:

mcgraw-hill plunging again today after news that the department of justice is filing a lawsuit against credit rating agency standard & poor's. mike khow, what did you see in the options pits here? we, just like the e kwity, there was a lot of volume in the options. they traded more than ten times their average daily volume by halfway through the day. a lot of calls trading, but many of those were being sold. one of the notable trades that i saw, a purchase of the may 42 1/2 puts. the stock was over 47 when this trade took place. somebody paid $2.40 for those. over 1,000 times. that's a bet that the stock could fall more than another 15% from where it was. of course, it did decline as the day progressed and the sentiment the options market is bearish. the kinds of liabilities are very large relative to the size of this business. guy, you would actually go in despite the fear in the market. yaem. i think you were on, david faber had a great interview and it's — well, it's a frivolous lawsuit. there's no — i don't — there's nothing there. other than the government wanted to take a pot shot at somebody. it's interesting, though — are you in the conspiracy theorist camp? you don't think the government is smacking down — well, sort of.ere are other people out there. not just s&p, right? s&p is the only one that downgraded the u.s. and now we're on watch negative, bias and — so, you are making your argument — i'm not asking, because you are a conspiracy theorist kind of guy. it typically trades five or six. you know, what's interesting in this stock, not a big short interest. maybe shorts poured in today. i think it gets 42, which is the low we saw back in july.


mio-my-mio, ясно. вероятно сши большие объемы так как народ хеджировал свои позиции. отсюда и объемы большие.

глупо в таких ситуациях скидывать акции так как потери будут существенными. проще сначала открыть хедж а после этого уже скидывать или оставить.
хз. не возбуждает меня MHP. многовато туда ожиданий заложено. ниже 30 взял бы.


единственный плюс — байбеки проводить любят. разве что в расчете на это


karapuz, решил прикупить вчера все таки. на 10% портфеля. в крайнем случае скинем если пойдут ниже минимумов прошлой недели.

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