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Fitch и S&P: ситуация касательно возможных пересмотров рейтингов (комментарии)

  • Several Eurozone countries could face an «imminent» downgrade by S&P according to sources
  • S&P Eurozone downgrades could come as early as today according to sources
  • S&P declines to comment on imminent Eurozone downgrades
  • Market talk of S&P downgrade for France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Austria at 1900GMT — Unconfirmed
  • U.S. stock futures furthered Friday losses after the Wall Street Journal quoted European Union sources in reporting rating agency Standard & Poor's could downgrade euro-zone states as soon as today
  • Eurozone source says Germany will not be downgraded
  • Fitch sees concluding reviews of six Eurozone sovereigns on watch negative by end of January
  • Fitch says the EC ruling shows fiscal measures being put into practice
  • Fitch says the the emphasis on fiscal discipline at a national level in the SGP and the fiscal compact is consistent with their view that EU politicians have settled on a gradualist approach to the EU crisis, as opposed to a one-off solution. Enforcing the revised SGP does not represent a solution to the crisis, a key test of its credibility will be whether sanctions are applied consistently
  • Senior Euro-zone government source says Netherlands, just like Germany, not affected by S&P
  • Senior Euro-zone source says Slovakia to be among countries downgraded by S&P
  • France included on S&P downgrade list according to EU sources


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