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ICE Exchange будет брать деньги за поток данных с 1 апреля? Так же как и СМЕ.

Effective April 1, 2016, data fees will be applied for all recipients of real time ICE Futures market data including subscribers receiving data from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), Introducing Brokers (IBs) and/or Network Providers.
Our FCMs have advised us of the following related to the new market data fees being charged by the ICE Exchange:

All IDs receiving ICE market data (ICE US, ICE CA, ICE EU Commodities or ICE EU Financials) will be billable: ICE CA is $20 per month, all others are $110 per month per sub exchange. If an ID has access to all four sub exchanges, the total would be $350 per month.
All User IDs are billable as of April 1, 2016. There are no exceptions.
There is no “Netting”
There is no “Grandfather” status
There is no Pro/NonPro status, all IDs are billed the same
Fees are associated to Usernames, not account numbers.
If a current user adds a new ID, each ID is billable.
ICE will not provide rebates for errors in entitlements.

NOTICE: Please be aware that some FCMs and data/platform providers may charge additional fees to offset their costs of implementing, changing and reporting ICE market data.
To protect our clients from unwanted fees, all ICE market data will be automatically turned off of client accounts prior to April 1st. To enable your account to receive ICE Exchange market data, please login to your portal and opt-in anytime after March 31st.

Закручивают гайки нашему брату? Скоро ваще торговать не дадут.

cocoa, cotton, coffee, sugar, brent, ftse 100, us dollar index, mini russel 2000 — кто это торгует, тому станет чуть не слаще

Brad Tick

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