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Аналитика NYSE на 5 августа

Спайдер снижается перед открытием торгов на NYSE.  
  • Европейские индексы на отрицательной территории.
SPY (внутридневной график)  снижение   на   премаркете. Сопротивление: 170.75       Поддержка: 170.50           
Премаркет NYSE/NASDAQ:
Gapping up:
  • In reaction to strong earnings/guidance/SSS: TSN +3.8%, VE +1.9%, BRK.B +1%, WAG +0.4%.
  • M&A news: TGX +21.3% (Juniper to Acquire Theragenics Corporation for $2.20/share).
  • Metals/mining stocks trading higher: HMY +4%, GOLD +3.4%, AU +2%, GFI +1.8%, GDX +1.6%, BBL +1.3%, ABX +1.3%, BHP +1.1%, RIO +0.6%, GLD +0.3%.
  • Other news: VRNG +17.2% (continued strength following court filing that says co is entitled to supplemental damages), CGEN +5.7% (Compugen Announces Collaboration and License Agreement with Bayer for Antibody-Based Cancer Immunotherapies), LYG +4.2% (Lloyds Banking plans to payout 70% of earnings in dividends by 2015, according to reports), BCRX +3.9% ( 10% Holder Felix Baker (Baker Bros. Capital) disclosed purchase of additional 1.136 mln shares at $4.40), SQNM +3% (Sequenom CMM's MaterniT21 PLUS testing service received clinical laboratory permit from New York State), CSIQ +2.1% (Concord Green Energy to acquire five utility-scale solar power plants from Canadian Solar valued at over $277 mln ), ODP +2% ( Files Investor Presentation Demonstrating That Election of Its Nominees Will Lead to Greater Shareholder Value), GSK +1.5% (still checking), CLF +0.9% ( tentative agreement with the United Steelworkers on new labor contract for Bloom Lake mine operations in Quebec), CCL +0.8% (still checking), TSLA +0.7% (still checking for anything specific), KORS +0.7% (added to financial newspaper top picks list), VOD +0.5% (Vodafone PLC has filed a lawsuit against Telecom Italia (TI) for EUR 1 bln over industry position, according to reports).
  • Analyst comments: SHOO +1.1% (Steven Madden upgraded to Buy from Sell at Goldman), FB +0.9% ( tgt to $46 from $38 at Piper Jaffray), BRCM +0.6% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Drexel Hamilton)
Gapping down:
  • In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: HBC -5.9%, SSP -5.7%, FAST -2.5%, (light volume).
  • M&A news: CPWR -0.5% (following late spike on speculation related to PE / BMC deal).
  • Other news: TM -3.2% (still checking), JIVE -3.1% (light volume, Jive Expands Operations in Europe), TTM -2.1% (still checking), YELP -2% (modestly pulling back), GMCR -1.9% (cautious Barron's mention), TI -1.8% (Vodafone PLC has filed a lawsuit against Telecom Italia for EUR 1 bln over industry position, according to reports; Fitch Downgrades Telecom Italia to 'BBB-'; Outlook Negative),  DB -1% (still checking for anything specific; following HBC results).
  • Analyst comments: FOSL -1.8% (downgraded to Underweight from Equal Weight at Barclays), QCOM -1.6% (downgraded to Neutral from Overweight at Piper Jaffray), TEVA -1.3% (downgraded to Underweight from Equal-Weight at Morgan Stanley), KGC -1% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Citigroup).
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