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DAX update

After the brief penetration of previous low, Dax June 13 has quickly reversed to the upside. My indicators turned long across the board. Now I shall entertain the possibility that market is going to make new recovery high before the downtrend will finally kick-off.

«Ego is how you lose money in this business. I put a trade on, and if it doesn’t start working straightaway, I respect the price action and cut it fast.” Michael Platt, founder of Blue Crest Capital Management

DAX update
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Не пойму я тебя. smart-lab.ru/blog/122343.php


Nikodim_333, why? It's clear — I sold short today at the open tick, expecting the market to go down a big way. But then something has changed — I have got a «buy» signal — so I covered my short and now I'm long.
wannatradelikePTJ, Отсутствовал пару дней. Приветствую! Какие мысли по целям лонга?
Hi. This week started very choppy — I traded both long and short on smaller TFs. Here it looks suspicious — pattern is not clear at all, but there are some indications for weakness ahead. I have no firm signals here and now — and ready for any outcome.
8380 если возьмём далее 8520 я так думаю


Vasdoc, you see what's going? That's what i mean!:)

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