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DAX brief update

Yeserday I wrote: «I expect some moderate upward bias (probably upto 7756) tomorrow/Wednesday in order to finish-off the developing upward correction.» 

Indeed, Dax June 13 has continued upward today in the morning, reaching the intra-day high of 7735,5 and then reversed to the downside. Prop indicators  are in the «sell» mode across the board. I'm short against 7702 on my «swing-trading» account and remain short on «position-trading» account.

DAX brief update

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обновление лоя 7,620 и покупать.


lekrus, DAX is in the downtrend since 15th March, I will not buy untill the trend changes. No one knows in advance, where the trend will end, nobody, period.
wannatradelikePTJ, заранее никто не знает, торгуем ожидания.
lekrus, I don't trade expectations, it's a loosers game — proven. I trade price.
wannatradelikePTJ, все может быть. но думаю 8300 мы все таки увидим.
alexnewbee, no idea, I move with the flow, if anything I learned from my mentor — this is it — «move with the flow» Don't be a hero:)
wannatradelikePTJ, все еще шорт?
alexnewbee, no, the system flipped yesterday, 10m TF @ 7645, 30m TF @ 7653, H1 @ 7683,5. Just got a «sell» on 10m here, but H1/30m are both «long». Market is the Boss, yeah:)

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