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Последний бесплатный курс и инструменты от FT43 в этом году

Для тех, кто просил посоветовать хорошее обучение, рабочие инструменты и стратегии по торговле на рынках.
Завтра начинается последний бесплатный, запланированный в этом году курс от http://ft43.net. Не mainstream. Поехали!


Dear Friends;

A few shorts months ago we released into Beta FT43. The works been intense yet it's complete! It's a monster, or more appropriately a Beast! I have intentionally not spoken too much about what we've included but it knows where prices are headed and does so quite intelligently!

We now briefly ignore price action and volume while we determine exchange rate direction through inter-market analysis via 'other' pairs giving ourselves immense transparency into the next candles through the reintegration of volume for precision trading. With these advancements comes change. We no longer use 4 colors, it's quite simply two that you select. One for strong bullish moves and one for strong bearish moves. While we continue to navigate the waters towards higher levels of performance, the advancements in both FT43 and FlowTrader are breathtaking.

Blue Candles for Bullish Moves — Huge Buying Opportunities
Red Candles for Bearish Moves — Big Selling Opportunities

As you look at this image think about it. The colors are NOT derived from the candles at any point! It's global analysis with deep intelligence!

In terms of performance we know it's good. Really good! Here's day one, a cumulative of 40 minutes in the market and better than 12.2% Return with 87% Accuracy.

The Last Course

The Plan is to integrate the insight and intelligence into the Course Offerings of www.FT43.net. But with that integration I am not offering any more live course. It's game on and as much as I enjoy teaching, the gratification of doing so simply isn't there any longer. Far too frequently are the folks like Gary in the U.K. who needs someone to hold his hand and teach him everything there is to know about FX and that's just not something I've ever had an interest in. It's a double edged sword that hurts the opportunity others may have had in the future but it's time to roll on!


The final live course will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday April 7th — 9th of 2020. We'll start at 5 AM EST Tuesday, break for one hour and return at 8 AM EST for application of the approach in a live environment. The process will repeat again on Wednesday and Thursday. The cost is Free for those with memberships on http://FT43.net

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