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IMPORTANT for TONIGHT — ALL CME market openings
DELAYED — due to «Leap Second Impact»

CME Group uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize time for CME
Globex systems to maintain effective time accuracy. On Tuesday, June 30
(trade date Wednesday, July 1), a positive leap second will be added
after 18:59:59 Central Time (CT). A leap second is a one-second
adjustment that is added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to account
for variability of the earth’s rotation.

To facilitate the Leap Second change and prevent any issues on CME Globex
systems, all CME Globex products will have a delayed open at 7:45pm CST
(Chicago), 7:30pm CST (Chicago) Pre-open, on Tuesday, June 30 (trade date
Wednesday, July 1). If a CME Globex product’s regularly scheduled open
is post 7:45pm CST, then that product will open regularly as scheduled.

This is a ONE-DAY impact — TONIGHT only, that will cause ALL CME evening
market openings to be delayed until 7:45 pm CST!

This will ONLY impact those traders that intend to be active in the first
few hours of evening trading, tonight!

All market PRE-openings will be delayed until 7:30 pm CST, with ALL
markets opening for trading at 7:45 pm CST.

P.S. Не торгуйте сегодня от греха подальше! 

торгуйте просто на секунду быстрее
Добрый человек, это будет торговля к греху поближе, как рекомедует топик-стартер?

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