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Societe Generale. Призрак дефляции.

Видят схожую ситуацию в американской экономики с потерянным десятилетием японии. Нет рисков роста доходности по ust.
Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research:
-As expected the spectre of deflation has returned to the fore as western governments now focus on austerity measures as a means of restoring confidence.
-In the US, the property market remains the worrying part of the economy. Although still at 3.6% in the US and at 2.7% in Europe, inflation may drop in
the coming months owing to the economic slowdown. Thus, with unemployment still at 9.1%, it seems illusory to expect inflation in the coming 12 months
and hence there is no risk of bond yields climbing.
-The  bond market suggests the real thing to worry about is deflation, again calling to mind Japan's lost decade. This is clearly an extreme scenario but
nevertheless a major threat for western economies.
П.с Посвящается Карапузу. Он тут нам доказывал недавно дефляционную модель в США по типу Японии.

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