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Deja Vu All Over Again: Total US Debt Passes Debt Ceiling... In Under One Month Since Extension


Remember when one month ago the US, to much pomp and circumstance, not to mention one downgrade,  announced a grand bargain raising the debt ceiling from $14.294 trillion to something much higher, with a stop gap intermediate ceiling of $14.694 trillion, or $400 billion more. Well, as of today, or less than a month since the expansion, total US debt is at $14.697 trillion. Yep — the total debt is again over the ceiling, which means the US debt increased by $400 billion in one month. Score one for fiscal prudence. And while the total debt subject to the limit is still slightly less, at $14.652, one week of Treasury auctions and will be time for Moody's to justify again why the US is a quadruple A credit.

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личные наблюдения показывают, что здесь народ не реагирует на английские заголовки по простой причине — язык знает поражающе малый для трейдерского сообщества процент аудитории.

так что, если бы тут было написано «ололо штаты снова облажались» — кликов было бы больше ;)

Kuicimaru Nakisanava

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