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    For a while we have been creating a news-points system, which knows where futures market will go. It is rather solid and transparent system which rates news and depending on how much points has each news gained — we can most certainly predict market moves.

    Our professional analysts read news using the most reliable sources of information (Bloomberg Terminal, Reuters) and form a direction for each commodity or index 4 times a day.

    What we are trying to make is a website (which is currently being developed), which will be updated at 6.00GMT, 10.00GMT, 14.00GMT, 18.00GMT every working day showing you the most relatable and most important, concentrated news — there will be NOT a lot of them. To produce the brief, we read a lot of news for you — and you trade according to our trade signals — not blindly, but with understanding of situation. Also there will be real time futures prices on our website, and we will show you how we trade and how many peeps we catch. This system is made in such a way that it cannot miss a trend or a huge move of market — and you will not miss it too!

    Сайт:T45 Investments


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