Блог им. yurajazz |Подавляющее большинство инвестиционных фондов Америки не держат в своих портфелях акции дешевле 5 долларов за бумажку.Сегодя вечером акции BoA достигли 5.08 $

S&P понизило рейтинги Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo и Goldman Sachs
Citigroup © cut to A- from A by S&P
Wells Fargo (WFC) cut to A+ from AA- by S&P; outlook negative
Bank of America (BAC) cut to A- from A by S&P
Goldman Sachs (GS) cut to A- from A by S&P

Bank of America now precisely at $5.00 following an after hours downgrade from A to A-. We note that BofA's CDS widened 10bps today while MER CDS widened 18bps and notably wider (we haven't seen runs post downgrade) and we wonder how this will impact the firm's huge derivative book which was recently moved to the Bank's higher rated, and deposit backed unit for its better rating support. In fact, following such a drastic action, it is quite likely that derivatives units across the board will see counterparties scrambling to demand a far greater cash cushion for fears of the same downgrade waterfalls that took down AIG and MF Global.

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