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You have to walk from point A to point B 10 times, blindfolded. Every time before you start walking, a fair coin is tossed, and if it comes out heads, a wall in the middle is present (situation 2 in the picture), while if it comes out tails it is not (situation 1 in the picture). As you are blindfolded, you do not know if the wall is present or not.
Even though you are blindfolded, you can move in perfectly straight lines towards any point you choose. Can you give a prescription how to walk from A to B so that the total distance you cover is as small as possible? What distance do you expect to cover in those 10 walks?

Can you solve this puzzle? (Задача)

Fair Play — in play! Search in Web — is not a solve! ;)
Know this already — don't put an answer.
Solution paths describe — Your bonus points!

Special thanks to Тот самый Артур 

Далее — решите задачку, и только потом — сравнивайте!

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