Блог им. andydiver |Факты по нефти

For the week to April 20, money managers held a net long position of 1.411 billion barrels of Brent, NYMEX and ICE WTI, U.S. gasoline, U.S. heating oil, and European gasoil, according to regulators and exchanges data compiled by Kemp.

Funds held a total of 1.520 billion barrels of bullish positions in the six contracts on April 20, while the number of short positions dropped to the lowest in at least five years—to just 109 million barrels. To compare, fund managers held 141 million barrels in bearish positions in January, when they held the record net long position.

Коротко — шорты на пятилетнем минимуме — 109 млн баррелей против 1,52 млрд в лонге! Аномалия еще та, плюс прет против бакса.

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