Блог им. aleks150 |Торговая платформа MarketDelta.

Сегодня на мыло пришло вот такое письмо от MarketDelta.

MarketDelta has just launched an exciting new trading platform!

This platform will transform your trading with an integrated DOM & Footprint chart.

  • With the «Footprint» you gain an «inside view» of the market!
  • One click execution with brackets, trailing orders…the works!
  • Integrated Depth of Market (DOM) and Price Ladder.
  • Buy & Sell pressure are easier to spot; increased transparency.
No Subscription Fees! Just pay $.25 cents per side per trade.* 
*Platform fee in addition to you broker's commission & clearing fees. 

Here is what others are already saying.
«If you trade, you need this platform! „

“There is something quite unique about trading the ladder right next to the Footprint...it makes execution decisions that much quicker and also clearer to see.» 

Disclaimer: There is risk of loss in futures and options trading.

Все что понял по русски, это то что MarketDelta только что выпустила новую захватывающую торговую платформу!

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