Блог им. SergiyPodolyak |Всемирный потоп через 8 лет.

Всемирный потоп будет через 8 лет.
Высота потопа — до 200 метров.

(I) Основные претензии Господа Бога  — это к США. Американцы вполне в курсе претензий с 2008 года, но полностью их игнорируют, и даже усугубили их содомистскими «законами».
Краткий список:
1. Your oil idolatry; oil’s and oil products’ pollution of the Earth. Oil is everywhere: in markets, in news,
in politics, in economics, in internal and foreign policy of every government in the world. States of America,
you made oil a matter of wealth, a tool of greed and a tool of corruption, a tool of bribing and a tool of sin.

2. Your computer idolatry; young men from all over the world are waiting of new processor, waiting for ‘powerful’
video chips to bring them into the distorted world of illusions of computer ‘games’. It is no more ‘games’ when
young men kill others as a result of ‘gaming’. And now You open in Israel the largest fabric of golden idolatry
processors in the world, Fab28.

3. Your car idolatry. You reverse the odinary tool of transportation into the army of iron monsters, who steal
million human lives each year arount the earth. These monsters are inhabitants of the oil. The other inhabitants
of Your sinful oil are: tanks, aircrafts and rockets.

4. Your distortion of the meaning of LAW. Your 8000 pages of what you call ‘tax law’ is more sinful, is more
idiotic than pharisees’ interpretation of GOD’s law 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. Your ‘tax code’ is more sinful

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