Блог им. QCAP |Для тех кто планирует торговать Micro E-mini Futures. Сообщение от одного из моих брокеров.

    • 04 мая 2019, 00:07
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As the CME prepares to launch their Micro Emini Futures contracts this Sunday night May 5th, below are some common questions we wanted to address. Please feel free to contact your broker with any additional questions. 



  1. Will Stage 5 Trading have these contracts ready to trade Sunday night May 5th


      • Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are not able to test the contract until that Sunday night’s live open. As we know the high interest in this contract, we will be testing as soon as the market opens with the intention of making trading available some time on Monday the 6th.
      • The symbols on the platform are the same as the exchange symbols. Though they have been added to the platform, they will not be available for trading until the testing is complete and the contracts are added to production. 


Index Futures Contracts

CME Globex

Micro E-mini S&P 500 Futures


Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 Futures


Micro E-mini Dow Futures


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