Блог им. PavelDeryabin |25 правил инвестирования от клоуна из США Джима Крамера. part 2

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 Rule 1: Bulls, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered What would you do if I told you the Nasdaq were to go up 1,000 points between now and November? What would you do if I told you the Nasdaq was going to double by December? How about if I told you that after it doubled, you would then catch another 1,000 points up by March? First, I think you would tell me that I was nuts, and not worth listening to. But what if I were so persuasive that you believed me. Wouldn’t you want every penny you had in the Nasdaq right now? Or would you say, “Nope, not for me, this one’s not worth catching. I don’t want the 1,000 points, I don’t want the double and I certainly don’t want that last 1,000 points. Way too dangerous for me.” From the way people talk these days, with sober intonations about the market, total sobriety, you would believe the latter. You would think that people would avoid that 3,000-point move like the plague. Because we know how that 3,000-point up move turned out, we know that we simply climbed the stairs to jump off the tower. Yet, that’s what happened six years ago, that exact same sequence. Knowing what we know now about how hard it is to make money in the market, I think we would regard ourselves as utter fools if we avoided that incredible move simply because we didn’t have to jump off the tower of Nasdaq 5000. It wasn’t inevitable. It wasn’t inevitable unless we are pigs. Which leads to one of my absolute favorite adages: Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. Rules like that one — simple, nonquant and yes, nonfinancial rules — saved me in 2000. These days there’s plenty of revisionist history on the part of financial commentators, editors and occasionally even brokerage house personnel — if they let themselves wax philosophical — about what happened when the Nasdaq bubble burst. Those who tried to capitalize on it are now ridiculed. Those who avoided it are now held up as some sort of paragon worthy of Diogenes. Hardly. The truth is that for one year of our lives, the Nasdaq gave away money to those who were bulls, but after 3,000 points, the bulls morphed into pigs and everyone who was piggish got annihilated. So often, when I bring this adage up, people ask me “How do you know when you are being a pig?” I know there’s not supposed to be any stupid questions out there, but the answer is, frankly, you don’t need me to tell you. If you weren’t feeling piggish after we hit an all-time high on the Nasdaq in 2000, you needed a shrink, pronto. Remember, my goal is to stay in the game. The people who got wiped out by the Nasdaq crash tended to be people who never took anything off the table, who never felt greedy, who got slaughtered by their own piggishness. Unlike so many others I see and hear on television or read in articles, I have no regrets about liking the market during that period. To have avoided those 3,000 points would have been sinful. It would have been suicidal for a professional manager.

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Блог им. PavelDeryabin |25 правил инвестирования от клоуна из США Джима Крамера. (автор Mad Money для CNBC) part 1

Правила писались до того, как он стал известным ведущим на телевизоре, поэтому совет «не верь телевизору» выглядет странным. Если бы все ему последовали бы, то....

Rule 1: Bulls, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered
 Правило 1: быки, медведи делают деньги, свиней режут

 Rule 2: It’s OK to Pay the Taxes
 Правило 2: это нормально платить налоги

 Rule 3: Don’t Buy All at Once
 Правило 3: не покупайте все внезапно

 Rule 4: Buy Damaged Stocks, Not Damaged Companies
 Правило 4: покупайте поврежденные акции, а не поврежденные компании

 Rule 5: Diversify to Control Risk
 Правило 5: девирсификация это способ управления риском

 Rule 6: Do Your Stock Homework
 Правило 6: делайте домашнюю работу по акциям

 Rule 7: No One Made a Dime by Panicking
 Правило 7: никто не сделал десять центов, паникуя

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