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DAX update

Well, it was damn hard to make money during recent days — market isn't trending — a bad time for any guy with a trend seeking system:) I refuse to make directional call at this stage, and would rely solely on system's signals. Overall, the rally from 2009 lasted more than enough, sentiment readings are toppish to say at least. But the price action remains muted, and the price action is the ultimate judge…
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Переходи на Рос.рынок и не парься, у нас тут не чего запутанного тупо вниз -))


RTS_TRADER, agree, RTS looks targeting 500 eventually. Maybe even ~200
wannatradelikePTJ, what makes you think so?
searcher769, the price structure on weekly/monthly TFs. The sell-off of 2008 was likely an A wave, and the subsequent rebound during 2009-11 was a B wave, logically. Now it should be a C down in order to complete the Bear market,that's the most probable option. Pretty much simple logic. And since April 2011 RTS is declining impulsively, and rising correctively, supporting the hypotesis that larger trend is down ever since 2011.
Как говорится поживем увидим. Я так далеко не заглядываю, но ниже 1200 многим уже будет не смешно… -))


Ушёл с небольшим лонгом с целью 8330, а в целом всё же нормальной коррекции ожидаю


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